Drivable RV Types Explained

Let’s take a look at the different types of drivable RVs out there. This will help you further narrow down your options so you know just what you’re looking for when you start shopping for an RV to rent or buy. 

Class A RV

Generally speaking, class As are the biggest of the drivable RVs (though there are some smaller models out there). These are the motorhomes that look like buses and are often referred to as coaches. They tend to offer the most living space, but also have the biggest learning curve when it comes to learning to drive them. 

Class C RV

The class C RV is what many people think of when they think “motorhome.” This is the rig that looks a lot like a moving van. They are built on a van chassis and have a piece that juts out over the cab to make space for a bed, or sometimes an entertainment center. Class C RVs drive a lot like a van, making them relatively easy to drive, but they also tend to be smaller than class A RVs. 

Class B RV or Campervan

Finally, there is the class B RV, or campervan. This is a much smaller rig, typically built into a cargo van. They don’t have slides and there isn’t much room for many amenities or extras. Instead, they provide just the basics in an easy-to-drive vehicle that can take you adventuring anywhere. 


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