Off-Road Bedding shakes up the sleepy RV, toy hauler, and motorhome mattress worlds with leading recovery sleep technology and an authentic rider mentality. 

Phoenix, AZ (November 13, 2018) –Off-Road Bedding (ORB) At ORB, we don’t do things like other bedding companies, including press releases. So, if you want to skip this old-fashioned release and go straight to the source for a story, please hit us up at (623) 252-5556 or email us at But if you insist on learning more, here goes…

What do you get when you combine hardcore off-road enthusiasts with industry-leading, American-made mattresses and foam toppers? Well, since this press release is from ORB, we’re assuming you can guess the answer.

What you might not guess is the why or how behind ORB.

Tired of the same old in bedding technology and branding, founder Josh Streeter chose a new path. He took his experience in the mattress world, selecting the best in sleep recovery technology, and sized and packaged it specifically for off-road and RV and camping enthusiasts.

“Off-Road Bedding is a lifestyle disguised as a mattress company,” said Streeter. “We believe the world should be explored, experienced, and, most importantly, ridden,” he added.

By putting riders’ comfort and convenience first, ORB hopes to redefine the marketplace. To that end, ORB delivers:

  • Leading Sleep Technology

ORB Performance Mattresses feature Far Infrared (FIR) Technology which contributes to

an active body recovery process by harnessing the heat the body produces during sleep and turning it into active energy the body can use to rejuvenate. ORB mattresses also feature TitanCool™ technology that keeps the body cooler to increase comfort and recovery. 

  • 100-Night Sleep Trial and Free Shipping

ORB believes in its mattresses and stands behind them with a 100-Night Sleep Trial. If riders purchase an ORB mattress and don’t get the best night’s sleep they’ve ever had out on the road, they can donate the mattress to a charity (with proof) and get a full refund. And our mattresses always ship free, in a box, throughout the contiguous United States.

  • Made in the USA Quality

Yep, all of our mattresses and gel foam toppers are made right here in Arizona. We believe in the American worker. We believe in American jobs. And we believe that we can kick ass in a market that’s full of bad night’s sleep, boring middlemen and women, and lousy mattresses from foreign factories filled with unhappy workers.

That’s where our story starts. We’re hoping you’ll join us for the journey as we deliver the unexpected, authentic, and full send it that define the off-road enthusiast lifestyle. And like a great campfire gathering out at the dunes, we’re always here to talk. Hit us up.

About Off-Road Bedding 
Founded in 2019 by rider, off-road enthusiast and branding guru, Josh Streeter, ORB is a family-owned business that specializes in premium mattress and sleep technology for the fun, loud, crazy, busted-knuckle, fuel-in-their-veins adventurists. The entire ORB family rides—and rides hard. They know other off-road enthusiasts are tired of the junk mattresses that come with RVs, toy haulers, sprinters, and motorhomes. Riders deserve a good night’s sleep. And ORB makes the mattresses, foam toppers, and other sleep accessories that make nights at the dunes, trailheads, campgrounds, and off-road areas as good or better than those at home in the best beds. In fact, ORB also delivers its same recovery sleep technology and 100-day Test Sleep to the home market.

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