Shenanigans (ORB 2" Gel Mattress Topper)

Today we put the Off-Road Bedding 2" Gel Memory Foam Topper to the test, by wrapping Jstreet in the topper and running him over with Polaris RZR. Check out the outcome.

Revitalize Your Aging Toy Hauler or RV Mattress & Enhance Your Off-Road Sleep Experience

The ORB 2” Gel Memory Foam Topper features high-quality memory foam with a gel swirl infusion, designed to enhance the comfort of your current RV mattress with increased contouring and added cooling. Memory foam is unique in its ability to immediately conform to your body, providing exceptional pressure point relief and decreased motion transfer between partners. The ORB Gel Memory Foam topper is made in the U.S.A.

Proudly Made in the USA with US Certi-PUR Certified Foam

Your ORB Gel Topper will come compressed and rolled and shipped directly to your front door. Please allow up to 24-48 hours for any potential odors to dissipate and the topper to fully expand. While letting your topper air out, keep in a well-ventilated area.

Increase the Quality of Your Off-Road Sleep Every Night!

Ultimate Pressure Point Relief:

The ORB Gel Memory Foam Topper provides the ultimate pressure point relief and contouring for your nights at the dunes.

Enhanced Comfort for Your mattress:

High-quality memory foam with a gel swirl infusion is designed to enhance the comfort of your current RV and toy hauler’s mattresses.

Open Cell Technology:

Our open-cell technology increases air circulation, drawing heat out and away from your body, providing a cooler night's sleep out at the dunes.