What is an RV Mattress?

As you might expect, an RV mattress is made exclusive for a camper, RV, or other motorhome use. Now, you’re probably asking what this means?

Well, a regular mattress you’d fit inside your home isn’t going to meet the necessary needs of your RV. See, an RV mattress is explicitly designed in many different areas such as size, shape, thickness, and other characteristics to fit the unique environment an RV provides.

For example, an RV mattress will often have a corner or two cut out to account for the sharp turns and condense space an RV’s inside offers. Therefore, you must know the exact parameters of the bed space you’re looking for a new RV mattress to fill.

In other words, when buying an RV mattress you must get the measurements exactly right to ensure the proper fitting mattress for your space.

In the end, the key is finding a high-quality mattress that fits the parameters of your RV perfectly. Once you decide on those two aspects, finding the right RV mattress won’t be much of an issue, and you should be well on your way to making your RV feel like a secondary home.

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