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Off-Road Bedding

ORB Sheet Straps

ORB Sheet Straps

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Save your time and your frustration with ORB’s sheet straps.

A fitted sheet that slips off the mattress corners and ends up halfway down the bed by morning is never ideal. It not only creates an uncomfortable sleeping situation, but it’s frustrating to readjust a fitted sheet that’s popped out of place every day. Sheet straps attach to the bottom side of a fitted sheet, pulling it tightly around the mattress to make sure it doesn’t move while you’re sleeping.

Sleeping on a smooth fitted sheet feels much better than sleeping on one that is bunched up and threatening to slip off the mattresses. A fitted sheet that fits the bed tightly feels like sleeping on a freshly made bed every night.

ORB sheet straps feature two metal clips for each corner of the sheet, that function similarly to clips on suspenders. In total, this product has eight metal clamps to ensure the fitted sheet won’t pop off the bed. Our straps are especially useful for tall or short mattresses or those beds with a mattress topper. The perfect solution for your RV bed.

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